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Spiritual Integration


Spirituality is the belief system through which we find meaning in life.  Our spirituality may reside in a specific religion or well defined set of beliefs, or we may find our own way to interpret and make meaning of the world around us.  For some clients, integration of spirituality in the counseling process allows a deeper or different perspective through which to interpret, understand, and use our experiences for greater growth and healing.  Also, clients may wish to explore deeper questions about their purpose and the meaning of life or life events through the lens of spirituality.


At Gracefield Counseling, we have the necessary background and training to integrate spirituality in the counseling process for those that so desire.  For many this provides a deeper and more personal experience of healing, and tools to continuously deepen in the experience of peace and joy.

"A peaceful heart gives birth to love.  When love meets suffering, it turns to compassion.  When love meets happiness, it turns to joy"                                                                           - J. Kornfield