A Sanctuary.

Gracefield is a small horse farm in the Amish countryside of southeastern Pennsylvania within easy driving distance of metropolitan areas of Delaware, Pennsylvania, and Maryland. Within the 16 acres lies the counseling center in a restored barn, a network of nature trails, a small stream, and outdoor resting areas offering clients a beautiful sanctuary in which to pause and reflect. 


While Gracefield is a place, it is also an idea.  Here we believe healing and growth can involve more than speaking with a counselor in an office, but also interacting in a natural setting in ways that help us better connect with ourselves, shift our inner and outer perspectives and discover new ways to experience the world around us.  While here, clients may choose to work with a counselor in our beautiful restored barn, take a walk, sit on a bench, or interact with our beautiful and friendly animals.  We believe the path to healing, growth and greater peace is different for each individual, but begins with an environment that fosters a sense of safety and refuge.              

Our beautiful counseling center located in a restored barn
Private, spacious offices 
Stroll and relax on our nature trails